What I have learned about the walk-in process to date.   8.16.2019

Over the past few months people have connected with me to find out what is happening with the walk-in process between myself and Jay. To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to answer because well, it’s kind of a mess. We are stuck.

So, in the interest in full disclosure to those that have read our book or are following our story – I will share with you some things about the walk-in process I have learned and where we are now. Truthfully and without filters. 

Here are some of the bullet points:

  1.  Jay was not always in the vessel with Tom (the vessel that Jay walked-in to, who is my current physical husband on this earth plane) Psychics and mediums told me time and time again that this was true. It was not.  

  2.  I sometimes thought it was Jay that was speaking to me while it was Tom, and sometimes I thought it was Tom when it was actually Jay. This was very confusing.

  3.  Since Tom and Jay are both strong souls - it became just like a tug of war, and bickering started between the two of them, for their own good reasons. It did not matter that the contract was signed or not between them – these two souls simply could not get along.

  4. I found out that the contract between the two could still be broken or changed depending on the change of free will of either of the souls. So, it was not set in stone after all.

  5. The realization that for one soul to come into a vessel - the other soul must die.

  6. It was not honorable for psychics and mediums to not explain this to the awaiting loved ones still alive here on earth - to want a soul to die for another to take over the vessel unless it was truly the time for that soul to die.

  7. A true walk-in of this nature would no longer have all the memories of the vessel, but a kind of amnesia it will seem, and that only the cellular memory in the vessel will be left. The memories of the one walking in is important to be there, even if step by step, memory by memory coming back, in place of the old soul’s memory.

  8. There are way too many walk-ins of the other kind. The alien or galactic types. Those are totally different than the walk-ins of loved ones that passed wanting to come back to be with loved ones left behind.

  9.  The walk-ins of this other type, are only sometimes true and sometimes sadly are fake but manipulated by the unscrupulous seeking fame and fortune. Some are only psychological changes but misunderstood to be a walk-in, and some are just more enlightened and misunderstood as a walk-in.

  10.  A walk-in is a form of possession, just a different kind.

  11.  Walk-ins can be temporary like possessions or permanent.

  12.  Sometimes we believe a walk-in of a passed-away loved one is manifesting in our current loved one out of our own loneliness, but our mind is playing tricks on us out of our heart’s loneliness and wanting it to be so - but this is not actually the truth.  

  13.  A full soul exchange is needed for this type of loved one walk-in. It is needed to be that way for it to be a true walk-in. Not a soul merge. Not soul braiding. Temporarily it may seem only while the cell memories are being cleansed out for the walk-in’s memories to come back in. It is needed to be that way for it to be a true walk-in.

  14.  If all original memories only of the vessel are intact, and none of the walk-ins memories are present – then that walk-in never truly happened.

  15.  In my personal story, Tom and I are divorcing, so Jay can come back in another vessel. The original way we tried simply did not work.

  16.  There are too many people out there made to believe by others or even by themselves, that they themselves or their loved ones are walk-ins by unscrupulous psychics or mediums that are actually only about fortune and fame. They may also just want to soothe over the matter to supposedly help heal, while not actually helping. This is happening while the loved ones of the walk-ins here on earth are waiting for their loved ones to come back, and are waiting and waiting as if for a dangling carrot with intense sadness and frustration. This happened to me for almost a decade. I can’t begin to tell you how many psychics and mediums had no clue what was going on. And I waited, hoping for years. I was led on by people I really believed I could trust. I now know I could not.

  17.  Sadly, it is apparent that psychics and mediums seldom work together with witches and thus actually lessen the effect of manifesting.

  18. Too many psychics/mediums filter out and change that which they should actually only channel - whether it makes sense to the channeler or not, for it might make perfect sense to the one they are reading for.

  19. The third eye is so misunderstood as the third eye chakra instead of the sixth sense. So many don’t understand this, that the sixth sense has to work with the other senses as well.  I would love to find true practitioners that can truly open the third eye fully through a ritual. I have been looking for a long time, nothing has worked but I know it can be done. Where are the ones that truly get this?

  20. Lucid dreaming, astral projection, OBE astral travel, shamanic journey are all different things no matter some similarities. Also, non - recreational drug induced ones are real. Where are the true hands-on teachers that can teach this, and that don’t hold one hostage by charging an arm and a leg. How about getting some results first? I agree everyone needs to get paid but some of this is truly getting out of hand.

This is what I believe, and this is what I know to be true. I would like to humbly and sincerely ask for the real and true practitioners, psychics and witches that understand these truths to come forward, and together create a Safe Haven for those that truly believe and understand.

Enough chaos already. Can we please help each other find the true psychics, mediums and witches that can actually help in any way or form for loved ones to truly reunite again in this lifetime if it was meant to be?  I know they are out there. I believe this can happen.

A Safe Haven needs to be led by the true psychics, mediums and witches that are truly knowledgeable, capable and willing to help and perform without charging a ridiculous amount of money and holding someone with a broken heart as hostage – or taking advantage of their grief.  This too is needed to fulfill the greater purpose of the walk-ins coming back.

And there is another important point I would like to add. People should stop telling the loved ones awaiting the walk-ins to “move on”.  Those that say this have not truly experienced the intense sadness and debilitating depression of complicated grief. Please stop pretending to know better and judge how it should be for those fighting to survive through it.  You actually  should embrace these hurting ones out of loving humane reasons, instead of shunning and judging them only as unstable.

And do not mistake them for those that out of psychological need or intentions of fame or fortune fake themselves or their loved ones as walk-ins. There is no “moving on” for those that are suffering that deep loss where they feel half their soul is dead. Them still surviving is already one admirable step of moving forward without leaving their loved ones that passed on behind them without a second thought.

It takes pure love and strength to do this, especially if they are struggling in more ways than one. There is no judging of those who can move on – so why should there be judgement of those that that cannot? 

Please, if you are a practitioner – do not just assume and presume to put words in the mouths of the loved ones that you are bringing through just because it makes sense to you to do it that way, while not making sense to the awaiting loved one at all. When what actually comes through is exactly what they needed to hear. 

Be careful, do not filter. Truly work with honesty, integrity and real compassion with those loved ones left behind, awaiting the return of the ones that passed away. Is working this way the norm? Unfortunately, no, it’s harder and more work, and unpredictable. But it is honorable.

And is anything really “normal” in this universe if one dares to truly open their hearts and their minds?

Miracles are not out of this world, if and when one truly believes.

Carolyn Jaymes



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