A Life By Request is a deeply thought-provoking account and a book that I would urge anyone with an interest in spirituality to read. It conveys a story that you are not ever likely to encounter again and offers a unique perspective of the subject of walk-ins with a real human face to a process that can ultimately rewrite the destiny of one or more Souls.



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Mark Twain famously stated, “the truth is stranger than fiction." A Life By Request is a powerful book embodies this saying by providing the reader with a true love story that brings you on a magical journey with profound insights. It embodies deep spiritual truths that are beautifully woven into a magical love story that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. 

Kurtis Lee Thomas, Author of THE WORLD IS (y)OURS, The Secrets Behind "The Secret", successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business intuitive.

"This is a remarkable love story--how the soul can cheat death and return to his beloved. Isn't that the story of reincarnation anyway? In this case, the soul didn't wait for the slow road of reincarnation.Through sheer determination, he jumped into another's body for a second chance at true love. In India, they call this soul transference "ParkayaPradesh." In the West, we call it a"Walk-In."

--Dr. Susan Shumsky,award-winning author of 14books, including Maharishi and Me, Divine Revelation, Miracle Prayer, andAwaken Your Divine Intuition.


"I believe and know love is the greatest power of alland this love story of how one soul would move heaven and earth to return to be with his true love touched my heart and soul deeply."


 -Sarah Jessica Vine ~ Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Founder of Earth Angel Sanctuary & Sacred Geometry Artist 

"A fascinating glimpse into the other side, the walk-in process and how miracles can happen to ordinary people. Highly recommended!" 


Leila Summers, author, coach, life-long seeker

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