The intense love affair between Carolyn and Jay brought together two free-spirits; each of whom had a shared love of life and a mutual passion for one another. As lovers they were about as closely connected to one another as it is possible for two people to be.

Sadly though, their dramatically different careers - she was an entrepreneur and he was an actor, forged circumstances that challenged their relationship. Over time their respective careers placed them in and in totally different parts of the country and hastened the demise of their affair.

However, neither of them forgot the other and at a Soul level their previously close connection remained intact. It seemed that circumstances and serendipity were set to conspire in drawing draw the two of them together once again.

Challenging Relationship

In her book A Life By Request Carolyn Jaymes tells the story of her life - and in particular details the romance that she had with Jay throughout those few years prior to their breakup. However, this is a story that is far from being ordinary. The fact that Carolyn is having a relationship with Jay is, perhaps, no big deal. The fact that they later on reunited and rekindled their relationship for a second time is equally unremarkable - that is until you realise that between the two events Carolyn remarried and, following complications during surgery on his heart, Jay died.

Into this account Jaymes also describes other difficult relationships in her life. In particular this includes the one that she had with her mother and father - both of whom were mainly indifferent to her emotional care and well-being. The deep sense of unhappiness that she experienced at their hands then re-emerged later on in her marriage to Tom - a man who was also outwardly dissatisfied with his physical life. The two, at least, had that much in common.

A Psychic Affair

Life continued for the author as she continued to cope with the problems of a loveless marriage. Then, one day, everything changed during a visit to a psychic. It was during her reading that the two women became aware of the presence of Carolyn’s former lover, Jay. He was clearly still very much emotionally connected to Carolyn as a deceased spirit.

Over subsequent visits to the same clairvoyant Carolyn learned of preparations that were being made on the inner planes for the gradual transfer of the spirit of Jay into the incarnate body of her husband Tom. This would mean that the spirit of Tom would depart from this world leaving behind his physical body which would now accommodate the spirit of her former lover. This is a rare and tricky process referred to in spirituality as a ‘walk-in’.

For the following eighteen months the energy pattern of her ex-lover gradually took over the psyche of Tom. This left Carolyn and Jay with a relationship that was as deep and binding as the one that they had enjoyed several years before.

A Life By Request is a story of love that transcends the most difficult barrier of all - that which separates life from death. Even those on the other side who negotiated the transfer admit this was a complex, one-off event!

Our Review of A Life By Request by Carolyn Jaymes

The story that the author tells in her book is, by any account, extraordinary. For many readers it will seem totally implausible. Walk-ins are not a common feature of the spiritual world and their operation has not, as far as I know, been quite so detailed before as it is in this book.

Whilst the account is well told by the author it does build slowly and initially there is a lot attention to detail and heavy personal dialogue to navigate. Given that it describes events that took place many years previously sometimes such attention to detail does give the story a slightly encumbered feel. Nevertheless, later on the story speeds up considerably and it becomes intensely fascinating.

I end my synopsis of the book above at the point in which the transfer between Jay and Tom takes place. I deliberately omitted to include this second and dramatic phase of the story in order to avoid spoiling it for those who might wish to purchase the book. Suffice it to say the transfer did have it complications and bring with it a new set of problems.

The deeply tragic and challenging journey that the author has taken throughout her life, and particularly during the time the walkin was progressing, is a testament to her immense strength and resolve. By the end of the book you begin to understand the essential characteristics of both herself all of those who are involved in the story. Each, in their own way, are equally fascinating individuals all of whom are trying to cope with life in their own cumbersome way. This is also a story which begs a follow up just in order to see what transpires in the couple's new life together.


A Life By Request is a deeply thought-provoking account and a book that I would urge anyone with an interest in spirituality to read. It conveys a story that you are not ever likely to encounter again and offers a unique perspective of the subject of walk-ins with a real human face to a process that can ultimately rewrite the destiny of one or more Souls.

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