• Carolyn Jaymes

A walk-in soul's ongoing story

Just wanted to share a little update about what's happening in my little world of walk-in's. A while ago I posted about the seemingly never-ending and somewhat depressing situation I am with my husband (s) and the soul transfer we are attempting to complete. I was thinking that some of these lessons may help others to see through the chaos and confusion of all this - and perhaps offer some light. So, I have decided to post a kind of video chronology incorporating the thoughts, lessons, as well as the steps forward and backwards in hopes it will guide others and offer some guidance. At the very least - I hope it will be entertaining. 😘

So, I begin my story at the beginning - and for those who are asking me when the sequel to the book will be done - these are the steps to that. I will admit the book is half written, but until this comes to some kind of honest ending or conclusion to this process, I'm not going to finish it. The truth is too important, and I won't just make up a conclusion to finish the book. We don't need me adding to the chaos. Perhaps you agree?

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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