• Carolyn Jaymes

Hope is Good. Truth is Better.

A very wise soul said to me “Hope is good, but truth is best.” The truth I would like to share is the truth about my experience with a walk-in.

I have been blessed with lovely messages, well wishes, thoughts and greetings by those that have read my book, and for these I am so grateful. It is for these lovely souls, along with others that may be going through something similar, that I want to set the record straight. I want to offer another perspective to the exciting, interesting and often rosy, loving, and seemingly easy process the walk-in soul exchange is as currently explained. There is another side to this that I haven’t really talked about. Until now. I believe you deserve to understand that there is another side to this. To not go in with blind faith and completely unprepared as I was.

As many of you know or have read my book to find out – the love of my life (Jay) came to me through several channels asking if he could come back to me from the other side (he died in 1995). He asked permission to use the body of my current husband at the time (Tom), as the vessel in which to do this. Tom was ready to leave this earth plane, he was just as miserable as I was. So, it seemed to be a great plan for all involved.

This was the first I had heard about this – in 2011, and aside from some beautiful and honest glimmers of hope that continually appear, truth be told, Jay has not yet come back to me fully. And even though I have a wellspring of patience, it has been an incredibly frustrating 8 years full of dangling carrots and roller coaster rides.

He has given it his all and tried over and over – he has been braided, temporary, shared the body, walked-in and walked-out time and time again – but he still is not fully seated. He is not completely, 100% Jay, with memories in-tact as I have been promised so many times.

Yet. (I declare with much hope an intention)

To be honest, it is not as easy as it may seem, and there is another side to it that hopefully will become clear through the chaos that is out there about this process. I still believe with all my heart it will happen, but I have heard myself say “enough is enough” more times than I care to remember.

I have half written the second book, the sequel to the first, but have not finished it because the truth is, I am still waiting for the conclusion myself. I have told myself that until Jay was fully back with me, with all memories, I would not finish the second book. It had to be truthful, it had to be a completely real work of non-fiction.

There is more to the universe and how it works than I believe we will ever fully understand with our earth minds. Over the next weeks I will attempt to share with you some of the things that I have learned - the hard way, and things that have happened during this process. Hopefully it will enlighten more to how this actually works, at least in my situation.

If anyone else is going through a similar situation, I hope you will share your experiences as well and also allow me to share my experiences, struggles, and the plain and simple truth as to how this has unfolded until now, in hope and love that it will make someone else’s journey a little easier.

As for me, I will continue on this path, and trudge along for as long as it takes. I will update more about this from time to time as things continue to unfold, but I simply wanted to open the door to the truth that although this is a beautiful and amazing thing to be blessed with, it also has its challenges. There are two sides to everything.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Are there any thoughts or guidance anyone would care to offer?

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