"Join in the Journey" Book Tour

You can purchase the books here: 
Or we will bring them for the signing. They will be offered to the hosts at a 40% discount off the selling price
What we contribute:
What we ask you to contribute:
  1. Table with 2 comfortable chairs

  2. Private reading room (if applicable and we will be offering readings)

  3. Spring Water

  4. Put poster in shop window (we provide)

  5. Distribute flyers (we provide flyers or template)

  6. A representative from your shop introduce and  ask interview questions. 

We are happy to contribute the following to help make the event a success.


  1. Promotional Give-away's

  2. Series of 3 email Invitations to your clientele (we can send for you, or provide you with the templates)

  3. Window Poster

  4. Video Invitation emailed to clientele

  5. Local press releases

  6. Flyers supplied to venue before event to increase awareness.

  7. Giveaways and raffle at the event

  8. Spiritual mediumship readings (pre-scheduled and optional)

  9. Sample interview questions

Hosting Information

We believe that a well organized and executed event can benefit everyone. We have a few options as you will see below to create an event that you and your clientele will enjoy

There are a few options and idea's for hosting an event:

Book Signings

Interview with the author

Mediumship readings (scheduled ahead of time)

An Optional suggestion:

April Sheerin is a talented and gifted medium, and the one who was the go-between for Carolyn and Jay (while he was in spirit), as well as their spirit guides.

We have found that many people have questions about the walk-in process and request readings from April. On the day of the event, April will offer to book up to six 30 minute readings if requested. These can be scheduled directly before or after the event. 

Wholesale Pricing
Event Options
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