Carolyn Jaymes

Carolyn is a spiritual pathway guide, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, but mostly a life-long seeker of truth.

​Originally a reluctant author - feeling uncomfortable sharing her true story and arguing with herself that spirituality may not be accepted in the mainstream, her conscience won out.  Finally, after years of this internal dialog, she sat down at her computer and began to write. What flowed out of her is the incredible true journey of two souls in A Life By Request. Carolyn has become amazed and grateful to learn just how many people this book has helped open up to their own spiritual journey. 

"A Life by Request: A walk-in soul's journey from earth, to heaven, and back again. A true story about love, life, and the other side," is her first book, which immediately became a #1 bestseller, and continues to touch the hearts and souls of many each day. 


An expert in marketing and business communications, she has worked with presidential candidates, celebrities, and national nonprofit organizations. Shortly after starting her own epicurean catering business in the early eighties, she was nationally recognized for the success and quick growth of her business.

​Since that time, Jaymes has been featured in Fast Company, the Boston Globe, and several other publications, as well as television and radio. 


Since then, she has been working with people one on one to open up to their gifts, talents, and manifest the lives that truly speak to them on a soul level. Carolyn has joined business and spirituality in creating a life and business coaching practice. Here she brings together her many years of success in business, with the incredible insights and awareness she has acquired during her spiritual awakening process. She believes both can happen simultaneously in life and business, creating a life of abundance and joy.

​What she loves the most although, is working with others, and to be in service, however that may look. ​Carolyn is currently working on the sequel to A Life by Request, which is the second of three in the series. 

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