A walk-in Soul's journey from earth to heaven and back again.
The true story of love, life,
and the other side. 

Carolyn Jaymes

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A Life by Request


Carolyn Jaymes is a spiritual pathway guide, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, but mostly a life-long seeker of truth.

​Originally a reluctant author - feeling uncomfortable sharing her true story and arguing with herself that spirituality may not be accepted in the mainstream, her conscience won out.  Finally, after years of this internal dialog, she sat down at her computer and began to write. What flowed out of her is the incredible true journey of two souls in A Life By Request. Carolyn has become amazed and grateful to learn just how many people this book has helped open up to their own spiritual journey. 

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author of

A Life By Request

Working with Walk-in Souls and Their Loved Ones

The journey of a walk-in soul, along with their loved ones here on earth can be equally

exciting, confusing, enlightening, and challenging. In all cases is it nothing less than a miracle.


We are here to share our personal experience to offer you ideas, thoughts and suggestions to answer some questions, and hopefully create some peace and harmony for you during this unfolding 


We are here in gratitude,

and ready to guide you on your

personal path with grace, truth & sincerity.

"A fantastical love story, that feels so familiar you can't help but be swept up in the validity of it."
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